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Metaverse course

Certification in the Talent Network

This course verifies the next competences in Talent Network

Basic handling of Unreal Engine

Ability of 3D environment scanning

Ability of virtual environment arrangement


Measuring the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts is key if you want to establish a correct business strategy. For years, digital marketing has revolutionized the market, generating new business opportunities at more affordable prices than traditional marketing.

Studying the behavior of users is essential to design effective and profitable actions. In the digital world, the only way to know the behavior of users is through data.

Web analytics is one of the skills with the highest demand today. The search for professionals capable of optimizing and improving the results of the sites.


The general objective of the Google Analytics I Workshop is to introduce the student to the measurement tool. The aim of this workshop is to familiarize the student with the basic concepts and notions for configuring campaign tracking, such as implementing a tracking code or configuring data filters. During this workshop you will learn to interpret basic audience, acquisition and behavior reports, obtaining an overview of the process.

The design of the studies has supposed the definition of the general and specific competences that the student body must acquire with the workshop. The design has been governed by principles of integral conception of teaching and its teaching offer has been planned in a way that facilitates student learning. Likewise, its curricular organization meets interdisciplinary criteria, with the purpose that the student acquires the knowledge and competences of his specialization, as a manager in the professional field that corresponds within the specific sector that concerns us.



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60 hours


Unreal: Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 14:00 (in-person)


Be registered as a job seeker in the Canary Islands Employment Service.

Being part of one of the following groups: unemployed, long-term unemployed, women or employees over 55 years of age.


10 hours in-person + 50 hours online.



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Goals to achieve

  • Acquire knowledge about programming in general and its application in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Learn to use Unreal Engine 5 to create projects with Blueprints.
  • Understand the mechanics and interactions in the game.
  • Learn to create realistic projects with Metahuman characters.


The theoretical classes in the course will provide an introduction to theoretical concepts and programming, while the practical classes will focus on creating projects in Unreal Engine 5, applying Blueprints, and in-game mechanics. In addition, a final showcase will be held where students will present their final projects and demonstrate the skills acquired during the course.

Table of contents

Theoretical concepts.

Programming languages ​​in graphics engines.

Introduction to Visual Programming: Blueprints.

Introduction to graphics engines.

Creating an account in Unreal Engine 5.

Client download and interface.

Additional content: Plugins.

Practical project: Creating a VR project with Metahumans.

Unreal Engine 5 interface.

Creating a project in Unreal Engine 5.

Blueprints: Basic Interaction.

Blueprints: Player Interaction.

Practical project: Final part.

Mechanics and interactions showcase.

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