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Facebook Workshop: public and segmentation


When designing a Facebook Ads campaign, a large part of advertisers create interesting and well-produced content, but they forget or relegate to a lower level a fundamental detail: the segmentation of the target audience.

As a result, the results of the campaigns can be tremendously different. Sources claim that more than 60%% of small business owners do not reach the right audience when running campaigns on Facebook Ads.

However, when done correctly, it ensures that the message reaches the right people. That is, to the users with more interest and opportunities to buy the product or interact with the brand.

It is clear that it is useless to create an ad with striking images and compelling text if the users who see the campaign do not fit the profile of the brand’s client. They are not going to be interested in the message or the solution. In this way, the results will be negative, obtaining many impressions and few clicks.

In this line, this workshop is proposed to train in a practical way the fundamental points to take into account when defining the audiences of the campaigns in Facebook Ads.


The general objective of the Facebook Marketing Partner Workshop: public and hypersegmentation is to provide its students with a general training about the most important concepts that are used within the campaigns developed with the Facebook tool.

This workshop deals with the most important aspects to segment your campaigns on the Facebook advertising platform, helping to understand how the different types of audiences work, and how to use them, adapting them to your particular case.

The workshop is focused on beginners who have not worked with Facebook or those who, having developed campaigns, do not achieve the desired results due to lack of knowledge of the platform and/or lack of general marketing knowledge.

As a result of the workshop, students will be able to clearly define their own audiences and understand why your campaigns perform in certain ways.

The workshop serves as an approach to the sector for profiles related to marketing who wish to know how to define the audiences that are affected by Facebook ads campaigns. This workshop promotes, in a particular way, the knowledge of key elements in a fundamental business branch, the optimizing spirit and the generation of ideas to achieve a proactive profile and with basic knowledge on the subject.

The design of the studies has supposed the definition of the general and specific competences that the student body must acquire with the workshop. The design has been governed by principles of integral conception of teaching and its teaching offer has been planned in a way that facilitates student learning. Likewise, its curricular organization meets interdisciplinary criteria, with the purpose that the student acquires the knowledge and skills of his specialization, as a manager in the professional field that corresponds within the specific sector that concerns us.



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Goals to achieve

  • Complete the professional profile of students and digital workers in different areas to contribute to their interdisciplinarity.
  • Know the structure that allows the Facebook tool to segment audiences.
  • Learn to raise the initial aspects of an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Training in this area for the beginning of a more complete specialization in specific terms or constituting a transversal profile according to the current labor demand.


The workshop will have a learning methodology based on “learning by doing” so that everything discussed in each training subject can be put into practice. Practical exercises guided by the faculty will be proposed so that the knowledge acquired responds to the real day-to-day needs in the subject matter covered by the workshop.

Teachers will be actively involved in learning to strengthen the bond with students and provide close support in order to resolve doubts and propose scenarios that help students learn to generate ideas “out of the box”.

The delivery of this workshop will be in face-to-face format, with a total of 10 teaching hours, and computers provided by TTS will be available to achieve complete learning and put into practice the examples and practical cases proposed by the faculty.

The dynamics of the digital marketing workshops escape master classes and seek to approach a model of continuous interaction in which each participant can express themselves and feel part of the team. In this way, each person contributes to the generation of ideas and the debates take center stage based on the theme of the workshop in question.

As a result of the workshop, a practical level test will be carried out to assess the knowledge acquired by the students.

Tabla de contenidos

Definition of the buyer persona

Difference between Buyer Persona and Target, types of Buyer personas and what type of information they reveal to us.

Audience Insights

You will learn to use the tool with which to reach people similar to your audience.

Interest segmentation

The student will know how to carry out a segmentation by interests in the social network.

Custom audiences

You will learn to use this segmentation option that Facebook offers and that will allow you to find audiences among the people present in the tool.

Similar audiences

We will study how to create lookalike audiences

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