Paid positioning workshop

10 hours

Paid positioning workshop

Business competitiveness is increasing in the digital age. All companies can be present on the internet in different formats. However, the attention of users is limited, so it is important that the brand appears at the precise moments when users are looking for our services.

That is why it is important that the brand we represent appears in the top positions in search engines for keywords related to our services.

Undoubtedly, it is great to appear in these searches organically (SEO positioning), but SEM offers instant results.

Applying SEM actions allows companies to achieve:

    Faster results.

    Quality leads.

    Pay per click.

    Audience segmentation.

    Constant control of the investment.

Knowing how to use paid positioning tools is essential in order not to waste the budget dedicated to this type of campaign, since not defining the parameters correctly and not optimising the campaigns while they are active is a problem in terms of obtaining ROI.


The overall objective of the Paid Search Engine Optimisation Workshop is to provide students with a general understanding of the ways that a company can position itself on search engines directly through an investment.

To enhance knowledge of Search ads and other search engine DSPs allows to run effective campaigns, since, with a high degree of knowledge, optimised campaigns can be achieved

The workshop will generate an understanding of the fundamental concepts for the planning and execution of paid positioning campaigns. Having this knowledge increases the chances of optimising global marketing strategies.

Designing and executing paid positioning campaigns is not simple and requires training to avoid wasting investment. In fact, nowadays, it is very easy to identify companies that do not optimise positioning campaigns and do not obtain satisfactory results.

Therefore, the professional profile capable of designing detailed paid positioning campaigns on search engines is in demand, due to the lack of specialisation in this field.

The workshop is an approach to the sector for professionals who wish to learn about the surroundings of paid positioning. This workshop promotes, in particular, the knowledge of key elements in a fundamental business branch, the optimising attitude and the generation of ideas to achieve a proactive profile with basic knowledge on the subject.

The design of the studies has involved the definition of the general and specific competencies that students must acquire through the workshop. The design has been governed by the principles of an integral conception of teaching and its educational offer has been planned in such a way as to facilitate student learning. Likewise, its curricular organisation is based on interdisciplinary criteria, with the aim of the student acquiring the knowledge and competences of his or her specialisation, as a manager in the professional field corresponding to the specific sector in question.

The objectives of this workshop are the following ones:

  • To complete the professional profile of students and digital workers in different areas in order to contribute to their interdisciplinarity.
  • To promote knowledge of the basic concepts of the elements and concepts used in paid positioning campaigns.
  • To learn the basic approach and execution of positioning campaigns.
  • To train in this area for a more complete specialisation in specific terms or to constitute a transversal profile in line with the current labour demand.

Basic competences

    BC1. To have knowledge that provides a basis or an opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas, often in a specialised context.

    BC2. To be able to communicate conclusions, as well as the knowledge and the ultimate reasons behind them, to specialised and non-specialised audiences in a clear and unambiguous way.

    BC3. To have learning skills that enable further study in a self-directed or autonomous manner.

General competences

    GC1. To be able to identify and solve problems risen in the context of the tourism sector.

    GC2. To know how to apply the knowledge acquired in the tourism sector, in order to improve competitiveness and/or entrepreneurship in the tourism destination.

    GC3. To develop creative and innovative capacity, focused on providing new solutions to old problems in the sector, its organisations and contexts.

Specific competences

    SC1. To know the basic concepts related to positioning.

    SC2. To be able to collaborate in the planning of paid positioning campaigns on search engines.

    SC3. To strengthen a diverse and transversal professional profile with notions of traditional and digital marketing.

    SC4. To be able to interpret documents, data and tools related to positioning campaigns.

    SC5. To propose and execute actions to optimise the results obtained in paid positioning campaigns.


The workshop will have a learning methodology based on “learning by doing” so that everything covered in each subject of the training can be put into practice. Practical exercises will be carried out under the guidance of the teaching staff so that the knowledge acquired will respond to the real day-to-day needs of the subjects covered in the workshop.

The teachers will be actively involved in the learning process to strengthen the link with the students and provide support in order to resolve doubts and raise scenarios that contribute to the student learning to generate ideas “out of the box”.

This workshop will be taught in a face-to-face format, with a total of 10 hours of classes, and computers provided by TTS will be available to achieve a complete learning process and to put into practice the examples and case studies presented by the teaching staff.

The dynamics of the Digital Marketing far away from lectures, and seek to approach a model of continuous interaction in which each participant can express themselves and feel part of the team. In this way, each person contributes to the generation of ideas and debates take centre stage, based on the theme of the workshop in question.

As a result of the workshop, a practical level test will be carried out to evaluate the knowledge acquired by the students.


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